Please vote YES on November 6 to dissolve the Woodstock Public Library District


Our Message

• The Library District does not adequately represent Woodstock voters and taxpayers in its current structure.  The Woodstock community would benefit from consolidation of services, eliminating the extra layer of government and taxation.

• The Library Trustees have repeatedly ignored community input and recommendations.

• Woodstock’s children, teens, adults and seniors would be better served by a library under the responsive stewardship of the Town Board.

• The Library building has suffered from neglect under the control of the Library District.

• The Town Board has a good track record at maintaining its physical plant and engaging with the community.

• The Library District should be dissolved and the Library incorporated as a Municipal Library under Town Board supervision.  Consolidation is encouraged by New York State.  The Town Board would be superior stewards of the Library.

Thank You

We achieved our goal and submitted 815 signatures to the Woodstock Town Clerk on July 25, 2018.  The Clerk certified 703 signatures of Woodstock registered voters on July 27.

The Woodstock Library Board of Trustees met on August 16 and set the referendum date for November 6.  The referendum to dissolve the Woodstock Public Library District will be a proposition on the general election ballot on November 6.  PLEASE VOTE YES ON THE PROPOSITION.

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