Fact Sheet

The Library has its own tax district and tax rate, separate from the town tax.  The Woodstock Public Library District was created in 1989.
Only 7% of libraries in New York State are chartered with separate tax districts like Woodstock's.
The remaining 93% of libraries are funded by a combination of municipal and school taxes, and trusts, endowments and donations.
The Library has spent over $300,000 since 2007 on building proposals not approved by the voters.
     - 2007 Feasibility Study
     - 2013 Annex Plan
     - 2018 Tear-down Plan
The Library's own $50,000 master plan offers four proposals for renovating the Library and expanding, and just one for building new.
The Library survey completed in November 2017 showed only 25% support for demolishing the current building and building new.
The Library Trustees voted on January 18, 2018 to go against the survey and to build an entirely new building.