Who is organizing the petition and referendum effort?

An ad hoc group of citizens formed in April 2018.

What is the goal?

Dissolution of the Library District and incorporation as a Municipal Public Library


Management should be responsive to the people.
Services should be consolidated with the Town of Woodstock.
The facility should be preserved and improved.

Will Library services change?

We expect Library services to improve under the stewardship of trustees appointed by the Town Board.

How many signatures will be collected?

700 signatures of registered voters in Woodstock.

When is the referendum?

Within 120 days after the petitions are filed with the Town Clerk.

What does the referendum say?

"Shall the Woodstock Public Library District be dissolved?  YES ___  NO ___"

What happens if the referendum passes?

The Library Trustees will complete a plan within six months to dissolve the district and transfer the assets and liabilities to a qualified not-for-profit organization or a federal, state, or local government entity. The Town Board, as the most likely assignee, will incorporate the Library as a Municipal Public Library.

Who runs the library then?

Trustees will be appointed by the Town Board.  The director and staff will not change.  Library personnel will enjoy the same benefits as town employees.